CInvoke is a way to call your C functions from Python. It is similar to ctypes in concept, but implemented very differently.

The package features:





CInvoke can be downloaded here.

A simple example can be found inside the Example directory.

The current installer is very lame, and does not install the C code anywhere, I have only had about 15 minutes to work the and installation so far, sorry! :-) For now you can just use "make" inside the server directory to make a linkable server, or use "make" inside the example directory to make the example.

Bug reports

Please report bugs to Eyal Lotem.

Note that the "assertion failed" in the end of the "test" is not a bug, but the current way to handle errors in the server. Assertion failures are much easier to debug than bad return codes and more useful for unit tests, and currently this happens in EOF too. In the future assertion failures will be an optional way to error handle, and EOF will definitely not be an error.

Eyal Lotem
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